The Question Arise in mind ……Do I need an architect?

When creating a residential, commercial or industrial building, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether or not you need an architect.

So we are going to help you with the frequently asked Question – How do I know if I need an architect?

Well, to build any structure you need signature of an Architect. By signing, s/he agrees that they have gone through the design and all the process and it is ready to be constructed. If anything happens to the structure (it fails), the Architect is taken into questioning first. So, yes it is important to hire an Architect not only for legal reason but for logical reason as well. An architect is aware about the process of construction (of-course as they invest 5 years of their life to learn that, academic course duration of B.Arch.). In simple way let me explain

You are sick, you know what is wrong, but you can’t treat yourself, so you go to a doctor. Doctor treats you and you get well. That’s what doctors are for they give life. Same way, you know what kind of house/office/industry/structure you want, but you can’t design it, so you visit an Architect, he does it for you. That’s what Architects are for, they make your dream house/corporate Office/productive industry/sustainable structure a reality.

If you have a very clear idea of what you want, or a builder whose judgment and vision you trust, then an architect is less necessary, but, if you don’t know what you want, then an architect can help you with ideas.

You really need an architect if you don’t trust builders, or are busy or inexperienced, an architect can help you keep an informed eye on the builders and make sure the project stays on track. An architect can also be very helpful in managing the whole process. If you need planning permission (or even think you might), then an architect can be invaluable in successfully navigating the local planning authority.

Let me tell you some of the advantages of having an architect for making this easier for you to understand:

  • If you engage an architect, you will pretty much always end up with a better end product.
  • Architects are highly trained and are especially good as seeing the “big picture” – in making the best of the space you have, in getting interesting designs, in ensuring the light is right and the feel is good.
  • Architects are usually good at ensuring the work is professionally done – that it meets the requirements of building control, that you have a structural engineer if you need one.
  • Architects are generally good at the detail that most of us rarely think about and which, if done wrongly, can end up being costly mistakes – which way should the door open? Should we have recessed lights? Where should the outlet pipes go? Should you be able to see the toilet when the bathroom door is open?
  • An architect can also help you find the best builder, project manage the whole works, and keep within budget. The architect is the expert eyes and ears, whose job it is to represent your interests with builders and local authorities.

As client, you know what you are looking for. Your architect is the specialist who knows how to help you achieve your goals — develop your ideas to create the space you need and find the right look for your building while respecting your timetable and your budget.

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