Journey in design — Klm-Air France Office

My second innings as a professional started, and KLM- AIR France office became the second milestone of this journey, it was a great opportunity for me to refresh my old experience and invest new ideas and learning in the best possible way. Excitement was there….

Air France–KLM is a Franco-Dutch airline holding company incorporated under French law with its headquarters at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Tremblay-en-France, near Paris. The group has offices in Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris, and in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Air France–KLM is the result of the merger in 2004 between Air France and KLM. Both Air France and KLM are members of the SkyTeam airline alliance.

In discussions with our client, we understood the client’s need and perspective, they were looking for a robust design i.e. the design that should not fade with the changing scenario, yet contemporary, but were quite fix with their budget. They wanted to use the existing workstations and reduce the office area in max possible way which was in 23000 sq.ft .

Emphasis was there on refreshing theme for their cafeteria, well luminance in the entire office and provision of sound absorption in particular areas.

In further discussions we came across that Client was not looking in favour of using carpet in office, which we realised was because the earlier used carpet was quite old, dull and monotonous. Same carpet was used in the entire office one can imagine how could they have felt about it?

Now we started our R&D….

We wanted to give our client and construction team a smooth, uninterrupted working hours and area. So our team started doing brainstorming on the furniture layout, project management schedules and DLF building norms at the same time in order to hit the target.

First milestone: Through our layout we not only accommodated KLM-AIR France office into single unit, which was just the double initially, but yet spacious to look in. We even came out with two more interesting and surprising areas for our client which they readily accepted and were satisfied.

THINK TANK- Informal meeting/discussion area

BREAKOUT AREA- Casual meeting/collaborative area

We planned their team placement in such a way that noise making operations segregated from the silent working ones through fixed glass and gypsum partition that it still looks one.

Second milestone: The Cafeteria….

Before it was large in size but was not appealing in looks, its pantry area not able to cater the functionality and the appliances, coffee machines and refrigerators were kept in unplanned way,

Can say functionality & aesthetics were not taken care of….

So we decided to first resize the cafeteria and transform the pantry into open modular one with taking care of the entire appliance and the functionalities of this area.

“bright yellow color pantry portal and wet area see through partition with small beautiful planter boxes , grey lacquered glass at backdrop of pantry wall, black granite counters, white wall, decorative lights .”

“Justification is done to the area!!” COMPLIMENT gained from the client.

Third milestone: Also I said earlier, our client was not readily accepting carpet so this was also the area of more research. But somewhat clarity was there in my mind since beginning that carpet in whole office will not work, at the same time its color must be taken care of and in order to break monotony some pattern should be induced in between. So, for reception, corridors, cafeteria, breakout zone and common areas hard tiles and for workstations, cabin, meeting room’s carpet planks was recommended to the client and was quite convincing to them.

“Hector wood teak tile in herringbone pattern for reception floor and in brick pattern on breakout area floor, ethos grey in corridors, crayon negro in cafeteria and toilets.

workstation area carpet flooring in herringbone pattern with red accent carpet tiles, basket pattern in meeting rooms, linear pattern in cabins.”

APPLAUSE!! From the client ON THIS….

Want to write & share more experiences on design and project management. Would like to share pictures in the next blog to showcase the Stills as a destination to my journey……

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