Architecture – Mother of all Arts

I think it’s a common topic on which every architecture student of 1st year has to write upon.

But for meit’s seriously a funny thing to do, it’s just too early. Rather it should be asked after five years of graduation when they had all pains and understood what all it takes to be an Architect.

Why architecture is mother of all Art? To understand these we also need to know WHAT ART IS. ?

For me art is an expression which can be classified as performance Art. When we look at the thing in a speculative, thoughtful way, which is different from appreciation utility and from which we derive scientific happiness are to be called as performing art like dance, drama, eloquence etc. and in these art forms there are basic elements like Rhythm, Harmony, Balance and if any of its type is not able to inherit these elements they lose interest from the viewer’s point of view.

A good architect will always keep in mind about these elements while designing.

Let’s make it little simpler by taking an example and I think Our first wonder of world is TAJ MAHAL can be a good one to take…

If we see Taj Mahal in a broader aspect there are different shapes such as cube, cuboid, domes, arches, minarets, semi – dome, etc. they all reflects harmony and balance as the way they are composed …

Another way of looking at a thing is not from point of view of goodness, truth but at its appearance, shape and colour. Here we count on aesthetic rather than it’s utility. These Art since can be appreciative visually hence are called VISUAL ARTS like sculpture, Fresco, Paintings etc. And how this art form has been taken in account in case of Taj Mahal is speechless. Whether, we talk about the minor details like its marble color, intrinsic jaali work, precious stones engraving to the major ones like avenues, backdrop of blue sky and alongside river view, green areas, water bodies etc.

Yet another way considering things is practiced goodness and usefulness. We are happy because of its usefulness and suitability. Such a kind is called “Technique Art” like Sewing and knitting etc. But if we talk in context of Architecture this art form is experienced when a building or space is designed in a way that it fulfills its utility or says it satisfies the purpose of the buildings for…

Taking example of Taj Mahal in this context will be little controversial, but will still take an advantage of being an India democratic citizen…..oops…..and would say a quote rather going into justifications…


By which I mean is that as the pious feeling it comes while watching the forms of Taj Mahal, no matter the function reflect life or death, both stands for truth…. and both functions are beautiful….

I would like to conclude this as, if three daughters are blessed with different creativities inherited by their mother, who have all three of those creativities knows best to groom which daughter with which quality.

Thus, an Architect designs a Hospital with its specific types of requirements and Hotels in their own. Just imagine THESE requirements interchanged than the utility of each will not come out. So if building is designed as per its purpose it provides soul to it.

That’s why Architecture stands for Goodness, Truth and Beauty, which are its main principles and hence called the “Mother of all Arts”.

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