About Us .



We established the foundation of our firm in 2011, However Our founder, Architect Amit Katyal, has been ‘making decisions with his eyes’ Since the beginning of his career, also , he has worked as an Architect with various renowned organizations & over the period subsequently worked with Project management firms to The DBnT.

Thanks to his hard work and hard-won expertise, we have form a one-man band into the design firm we are today.

Amit Katyal, an Architect known for his passionate approach to life, relationships and design. With over 14 years of experience with Indian as well as overseas Interior fraternities, Amit and his team are known for their value for money & custom high-end design in varied projects, while still creating a Healthy, comfortable & productive environment for workplace.


The soul of our work – Creating environment where people feel truly at space is what we aim for.

Our Enthusiasm for profession is reflected in our ability to help clients achieve their goals. We combines our passionate approach to spaces with our remarkable design talent. It gives us great pleasure to see our clients embracing their newly designed spaces and how the design impacts the way they view and enjoy their environment.

DBnT has been working on Skill India and various research/ideas to contribute sustainable working environment for livelihood.

As we evolve, we are increasingly excited by the possibilities of innovative materials/finishes and techniques to enhance our designs.


We love to hear about new projects. CLICK HERE  to tell us about what you’ve got planned and we’ll suggest how we can help create a space you’ll love living in.